Smile Gallery


Before and After

Case 1

Before: This patient present with severely worn down teeth and has been missing all his back teeth for several years, giving him poor chewing and esthetics.

After: After using implants and crowns, we were able to restore his chewing and give the Hollywood smile he always wanted!

Before and After

Case 2

Before: This patient broke her front tooth which has a root canal, post, and crown. Notice the infection at her gumline directly above the tooth.

After: After removing the tooth, an implant was placed and a tooth made for her the same day in 1 hour!

Before and After

Case 3

Before: This patient had 3 teeth removed and hated his denture.

After: After placing 2 implants, his final teeth were inserted.

Before and After

Case 4

Before: This patient broke his tooth at the gumline. He was told it would take over a year to have an implant supported tooth.

After: After removing the tooth, an implant and tooth were placed the same day.

Case 5 - Implants

Case 5

Before: This patient was terrified of dentists, and as a result neglected her teeth for years, causing her upper teeth to decay.

After: With our gentle touch and the use of several implants, we were able to give her back full functioning teeth that she was proud to call her own!


Case 6

Before: This patient was very shy and reserved due to her smile.

After: After just 2 appointments, we can’t stop her from showing off her new smile!

Case 7

Before: This patient is a public speaker and never liked the way her teeth looked.  After noticing her gums started shrinking, she decided she needed help.

After: After a grafting treatment and the use of all ceramic crowns, she now has the ability to speak with confidence.


Case 8

Before: This patient hated her receding gumline and also complained of cold sensitivity.

After: After a non-invasive grafting procedure, her gum has been restored.  She can now enjoy ice cream once again!

Case 9

Before: This patient was very young, and noticed her gums were shrinking rapidly.  She complained of cold sensitivity, and hated the way it looked.

After: After a non-invasive, painless grafting procedure, her gum was restored to its natural position.

Zoom Whitening

Case 10

Before: This patient wanted a whiter brighter smile for her wedding.

After: After Zoom whitening, she was lighting up the entire room!


Case 11

Before: This patient was unhappy with her smile but couldn’t afford veneers.

After: With the help of bonding, we were able to give her the smile she always wanted.

As always, I was taken in promptly and all procedures were handled professionally. Each procedure was explained in full and in detail – no surprises.

R. McCandless